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EXPLOGROUP PERU has been created based on our knowledge of the Peruvian market and the challenges and risks involved in the mining exploration activity. We are a 100% Peruvian capitals group and we dedicate entirely to the exploration industry. We aim to allow junior miners to dedicate themselves completely to their main activity – Exploration, and not to distract time and money in administrative and red tape issues in a complex country which they possibly do not know. Our staff has years of experience in the mining exploration services sector, thus we know the everyday challenges you face in your activities, and for that reason we have created three companies to satisfy almost all your administrative and organizational needs in Peru: EXPLOCONSULT, EXPLOCAMP and EXPLOCOMMUNITIES


EXPLOCAMP designs and builds mobile exploration camps, for 10 to more people, and they are rented by a monthly fee for the time that lasts your perforation campaign . Camps can be set anywhere in Peru, from 0-5,500 Mt and regardless location or weather conditions. They are custom made to fit specific client needs and are fully equipped with all the necessary machinery, equipment and services for its operation, even with vehicles and qualified personnel for catering and maintenance and with local workers for support in the perforation, logging and sampling activities


EXPLOCONSULTING it’s a company of Consultancy in mining subjects. Our services even begin from before you come to Peru; we provide with legal and accounting support, proceedings and transaction of all permits and licenses, we even look for offices, personnel and housing for you, in addition to intermediation in the purchase and sale of mining properties, and of course we can represent your company in Peru. Once branched in our country, we support you weekly and monthly with news on the political and economic reality of Peru, community relations, media and crisis management, services of geology, geophysical, diamond drilling, mapping, environmental impact studies, pre and feasibility studies, due dilligence, entrance to Peruvian stock-market, etc.


EXPLOCOMMUNITIES is an association without aims of profit specialized in offering consulting services in subjects such as community relationships and creating and running programs for sustainable growth directed to improve the quality of life in the communities of Peru. We have programs to defeat infantile malnutrition in the communities where the aid of the State is not still present. Also we have educational programs in the subjects of nutrition and food handling, small courses on trades for cooks, helpers, launderers, etc. We are in capacity to develop diverse programs upon request of our clients, in accordance to their capacity and the necessities of the communities where their projects are present.

Ricardo J. Reaño
General Manager


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